Isaac(left) with his familyThe real blessings of any church family is the welcoming of a child (or an adult) into the church by being Baptised.


Within the Benefice we conduct baptisms at some All Age Worship Services and also as separate services after the main Sunday 11 a.m service at Blendworth. We have also had a baptism included in the wedding service of a child’s parents! A real family event!

It is also a double blessing when clergy can baptise members of  their own family and on one Rogation Sunday at Holy Trinity Blendworth, former Archdeacon of Portsdown and past Rector of our United Benefice, Dr Trevor Reader did just that!DSC00076Isaac Vulinovic was baptised with holy water at the church font in front of 116 family and friends having had the sign of the cross marked on his forehead by Trevor and Isaac’s Parents and God-Parents, and afterwards presented with a lighted candle to ‘shine as a light in the world’ as a member of the Christian family.

Having married at Holy Trinity Blendworth in April 2011, Lara and Matthew Chuter brought their daughter Amalie with family and friends to share her Baptism. Being part of the church family is always a special and The Reverend Rosemary Donald encourages the children present to get close to see what is going on, even helping pour the water!

Rev Rosemary Donald pouring the water for Amalie's Baptism

Matthew and Lara Chuter with Amalie


We look forward to welcoming you into our Christian family.

Max Martin Baptism (3)

Welcome Max Martin!

Seen here with The Reverend Rosemary Donald, proud parents Nikki and David and big brother James.

A warm welcome  to our latest children Baptised at Holy Trinity Church on Sunday 8th April 2018 namely Jack and Millie Burrage and Samual Hoskin.

To arrange baptisms within the United Benefice please contact Carol, our Benefice Secretary.