They say it will not last but here is proof that happily married couples do stick together.

On Sunday 16th June 2019 at Holy Trinity Church Blendworth, Horndean in Hampshire, six couples celebrated their Diamond and Golden Wedding anniversaries with a special cake decorated with wedding flowers.

The five diamond anniversary couples are Joan and Michael Hicks, Carol and Ernie Monnery, Sheila and Michael Martin, June and Brian Wakeford and Avril and Bruce Pinkney, whilst Carol and Jeff Legg joined the celebration with their golden anniversary. We should also say congratulations to Ann and Gordon Taylor on their 50 years of marriage too, but who were away on holiday celebrating!

We were delighted that so many of our Benefice congregation could join in with these special anniversaries, especially with everyone so closely associated with the church and many are in the choir. You may remember the previous celebration  for  our five diamond couples from ten years ago when they celebrated their golden weddings with a photo!