We welcome children of all ages into our church and encourage parents to allow their children to feel freeĀ  to play quietly rather than be fixed into the pew seat! However, we also have a vibrant Junior Church which meets in the long vestry during communion services.
Our Junior Church is a great place to learn about God, Jesus and Faith through play and education.
Family Friendly ‘All Age Worship’ Services at Blendworth are intended to be less formal and we encourage our young people to take a more active part in the service.
Our Junior Church rejoins the main congregation onĀ  our normal Sunday service just before the Communion Offertary so that they can receive a blessing or take Communion (when confirmed) at the altar rail and we always get an update from the young people on what they have been learning in Junior Church at the end of the service.
Cerys and Leila Davies and Madeline Pople, members of the Junior Church enjoy the fun of climbing the yew tree at Holy Trinity Church Blendworth.

Leila, Cerys and Madeline in the Yew Tree!

Under the guidance of an excellent team of leaders, our young people explore the stories and meaning of Christian Faith, help to build the Easter Garden and at Christmas time perform the traditional Nativity Story.

Leila Davies and Mum Julie with their finished Easter Garden (1024x681)

Junior Church Nativity 2013
The 2016 nativity cast

The 2016 nativity cast


(2016 Images by Murray Sanders with thanks)

And at the end of the service, an extra few pairs of hands to help put everything away is always welcome!
It’s just part of being the family of faith!
If you are new to our church and your child would like to go into the Junior Church group, you can accompany them so that they can get used to interacting with the other children and the teachers.