Owing to the ongoing corona virus pandemic, all services in our churches are currently suspended and the churches are closed.

However, when the restrictions are lifted, this is what you can expect to find across our benefice.

If you are looking for the church in your local area or want to come and worship at any of the three places, these are the pattern of services that are available.

The church of Holy Trinity Blendworth has a choir that sings in four part harmony and accompanies, primarily, the 11 a.m. Sunday service. However, the choir also sings at both Chalton and Idsworth on request and especially for weddings in any of the churches.

All Age Worship services are intended to be less formal and we encourage our young people to take a more active part in the service.

Our Junior Church rejoins the main congregation on  our normal Sunday service just before the Communion so that they can receive a blessing or take Communion (when confirmed) at the altar rail and we always get an update from the young people on what they have been learning in Junior Church at the end of the service.

Time of Service                            Type of Service              Venue

First Sunday of the month

8.00am                                          Holy Communion           Blendworth PO8 0AB

9.30am                                           Parish Communion                Chalton PO8 0BG

9.30am                                           Mattins                                      Idsworth PO8 0BA

11.00am                                         Parish Communion                 Blendworth

Second Sunday

8.00am                                           Holy Communion                   Blendworth

09.30am                                         Mattins                                     Chalton

09.30am                                         Parish Communion                Idsworth

11.00am                                          All Age Worship    Blendworth

The Evensong service has ceased at Holy Trinity Blendworth but this service is held at Chalton every 5th Sunday (see below)

Third Sunday

08.00am                                        Holy Communion                  Blendworth

09.30am                                         Mattins                                    Chalton

09.30am                                         Family Service                        Idsworth

11.00am                                          Parish Communion               Blendworth

Fourth Sunday

8.00am                                           Holy Communion                  Blendworth

09.30am                                         Family Service                        Chalton

09.30am                                          Mattins                                    Idsworth

11.00am                                           Parish Communion              Blendworth

Fifth Sunday

8.00am                                          Holy Communion                   Blendworth

09.30am                                        Parish Communion                Idsworth

11.00am                                          Parish Communion                                   Blendworth

6.00pm                                           Evensong                                Chalton


11.00am                                          Holy Communion                Church Centre

Blendworth Lane PO8 0AA


09.00am                                         Morning Prayer                     Idsworth