Under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that come into force on 25th May 2018, the Parochial Church Councils of all three churches are required to update the Benefice Privacy Policy and advise everyone as to how we hold and use Personal Data within the Benefice.

Being a Benefice of three churches with a central office administration operated by our Benefice Secretary, as well as having several individuals who deal with various diverse aspects of life in the church community, we are fully aware of the issues of protecting any personal data that we might hold and would not pass this information on to any third party without the consent of the individual who has entrusted their data with us.

We make every effort to inform people whose data we already hold and obtain permission to retain that data where appropriate, but we would request that unless you directly require us to remove your data from any part of our administration, that you are content that we keep your data in order to be able to continue our relationship with you, what could be referred to a ‘legitimate interest’.

However, it is essential that in certain cases we are required to request (and hold) your own personal data or that of a family member for whom you are parent/guardian/close relative, such as name, address, phone number, email, age and date of birth (this list is not exclusive).

For example we will hold data if:

  • you are on the Electoral Roll
  • you are donating to the church through Free Will Giving and Parish Giving Scheme
  • you advertise in the Parish Magazine
  • your details are published in the Parish Magazine or on the website
  • you receive the Parish Magazine
  • you provide material and articles for the Parish Magazine
  • you receive the Weekly Pewsheet
  • you are requesting a wedding, funeral or baptism
  • you have made enquiries through our website ‘contact page’
  • you have given or are happy to consent for articles, photographs, news items, event notifications etc. to appear on the BCIChurches.org.uk website (our churches website) either previously verbally or in writing
  • you have an interest in the Village Fete
  • you have contacted us for any other reason

If you have any concerns regarding the holding of your personal data, please contact the Benefice Secretary.

Michael Williams

Church Warden and Webmaster